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Jiangxi Kaian New Materials Group Co., Ltd.

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Jiangxi Kai'an New Material Group Co., Ltd. locates the deep processing of copper products, and develops and produces copper plates, copper strips, copper bars, copper rods and electrode wires. The brand covers red copper, brass and other copper alloys. It is currently one of the largest copper plate and strip processing enterprises in Jiangxi Province. Its specifications are 400 and 600 series, and its thickness is 0.10-5.0mm. It adopts semi-continuous casting-hot rolling method with excellent performance of copper processing materials and short-process continuous casting-continuous extrusion production process. It is one of the top 100 enterprises in Jiangxi Province. Products related to connectors, terminals, clothing metal accessories, electrical plug-ins, locks, metal stamping, musical instruments, lighting, water heaters. Involving aerospace, high-speed trains, electronic communications, integrated circuits, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and other industries.
The company has a group of professional and technical personnel and senior technicians with rich theoretical and practical experience, and has two R & D platforms of Jiangxi enterprise technology center and Jiangxi high precision copper belt engineering technology research center, which has strong R & D strength of copper and copper alloy materials.
The company has domestic advanced production and testing equipment, copper processing capacity of 130000 tons per year. Implement the quality policy of "creating first-class quality and respecting customers", make full use of capital and scientific and technological innovation to speed up the development of enterprises, and constantly develop new products and new markets.

Hard work, born of dreams:
April 13, 2007 Established Jiangxi Kaian Copper Co., Ltd
August 2008 20000 tons of copper bar workshop officially put into operation
October 2009 30000 tons of high-precision copper strip workshop officially put into operation

Improve technical standards and implement technical innovation, sustainable development:
In 2015, the provincial high-precision copper strip technology center was established
In September 2016, the shares were changed to Jiangxi Kaian Intelligent Co., Ltd.
In January 2017, the implementation of new high-precision 20000 tons of copper strip technical transformation

First success, set sail:
In February 2017, it was officially listed on Beijing's new third board, stock code: 870979
In May 2017, the provincial high-precision copper strip engineering technology center was established
2018 smart factory project officially launched
In 2019, the 50000-ton new material project of Jiangxi Kaiqiang New Materials Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kaian, was established.