Talent Recruitment

Jiangxi Kaian New Materials Group Co., Ltd.

Project Manager 8-1.2K 3 Work Location: Guixi City 1) Lead the technical feasibility analysis and cost assessment of the project quotation phase, and support the acquisition of new business, 2) Leading project planning (leading the start-up meeting of each stage, project progress and target management); 3) Lead manufacturing feasibility assessment, project problem points, risk identification and management, and pre-release decision-making; 4) Planning and task assignment of new project development demand resources, such as process planning tasks, tooling tasks, packaging development tasks, accessories/material development requirements, personnel demand planning, etc, 5) Coordination and arrangement of customer-side project handover, organization and coordination of customer evaluation of new projects, 6) Leading project node review, 7) Internal and external communication and coordination management (between customers and internal departments) 8) Recognition of leading customers such as PPAP and OTS; 9) Change management in the development phase; 10) Cost control of leading projects; 11) Internal control responsibilities: perform all the methods and measures used to ensure the "effectiveness and efficiency of operation, reliability of data statements, and legal compliance" of this position, prevent risks, ensure the safety of the company's property, improve operating efficiency, and achieve goals. Qualifications: 1. Secondary specialized school degree or above, mechanical major is preferred 2.3-5 years of project management experience in the automotive industry 3, familiar with the main plant project development process and system, 4, UG\CAD\OFFICE and other office software operation proficiency