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The new rules in March are relevant to you!

Starting in March, another batch of new regulations will be implemented, involving many aspects.

Implementation of the Criminal Law Amendment (XI)

The Criminal Law Amendment (XI) was adopted at the 24th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress and will come into force on March 1. The Criminal Law Amendment (11) mainly focuses on the protection and protection of criminal law in the areas of safeguarding people's life safety, safe production, financial market order, intellectual property rights, ecological environment, and public health safety related to epidemic prevention and control.

Comprehensive regulatory upgrade

The trillion-dollar payment market will be reshaped.

The payment market is ushering in a comprehensive regulation and reshaping. Recently, the relevant departments have issued a series of documents on payment supervision, the first mention of anti-monopoly in the field of payment, the introduction of new payment business rules, reserve management methods, etc., to play a set of strict supervision "combination fist". Among them, the Central Bank issued the "Non-Bank Payment Institutions Customer Reserve Deposit Measures" from March 1, 2021. The measures regulate the centralized depository business of customer reserves after the centralized deposit of reserves, further refine the provisions on the storage, use and transfer of reserves, and clarify the supervision responsibilities.

Industry analysts believe that the promulgation of this method will have a profound impact on the development of my country's payment industry and even the operating mechanism of the financial market.

Implementation of the Regulations on the Administration of Online Recruitment Services

Online recruitment shall not collect deposit from workers

The "Regulations on the Management of Online Recruitment Services" clearly stated that the personal information collected by the employer and the business status of the employer shall not be disclosed, tampered with, damaged or illegally sold, or illegally provided to others, and no deposit shall be collected from workers. The regulations will come into force in March 2021.

The regulations are clear that the recruitment information provided by employers should be legal and true, and must not contain discriminatory content; operating human resources service agencies engaged in online recruitment services should clearly state their service items, charging standards and other matters.

Implementation of the New Management Measures for the Circulation of Rural Land Management Rights

Guide the orderly circulation of land management rights

The Measures for the Administration of Circulation of Rural Land Management Rights will be formally implemented from March 1, 2021. How to avoid the "non-grainization" and "non-agriculturalization" of cultivated land? The method has made corresponding provisions. On the one hand, we should strictly prevent the "non grain" of cultivated land, make it clear that the transfer of land management rights should ensure that agricultural land is used for agricultural use and give priority to grain production, and whether the business projects conform to the industrial planning such as grain production should be taken as the key content of the examination and examination. Agricultural and rural departments at all levels should strengthen services and encourage the transferee to develop grain production.

On the other hand, resolutely stop the "non-agriculturalization" of cultivated land, and clarify that the transferee of the transfer of land management rights should protect the land in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and prohibit the change of the agricultural use of the land; prohibit idle and barren cultivated land, and prohibit the occupation of cultivated land to build kilns and tombs Or build houses, sand digging, quarrying, mining, soil, etc. on cultivated land without authorization; it is prohibited to occupy permanent basic farmland to develop forestry and fruit industry.

"Naming" is more autonomous and the market is dynamic.

The revised Provisions on the Administration of the Registration of Enterprise Names shall be implemented.

The revised "Regulations on the Administration of Enterprise Name Registration" will come into force on March 1 this year. It is clearly stipulated that if an enterprise believes that the name of another enterprise infringes upon the legitimate rights and interests of its own name, it may sue the people's court or request the enterprise registration authority that handles the registration for the suspected infringing enterprise; after accepting the application, the enterprise registration authority may conduct mediation, and if the mediation fails, the enterprise registration authority shall make an administrative ruling within the prescribed time limit.