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Caring enterprises donate to support students, actions convey warmth

On August 11, under the organization of the Municipal Enterprise Federation and the Economic and Technological Development Zone Working Committee, the third batch of 2023 donation and education activities for extremely poor students was grandly held in Guixi City.

At the event, representatives from more than 20 companies including Guixi Kai'an New Materials Group Co., Ltd. came to the donation site to donate bursaries to students to help them realize their university dreams.

Learn from Sian Chay and provide warmth. At the event ceremony, the caring entrepreneurs also expressed their ardent expectations and blessings to the students, hoping that the children would keep their dreams in mind, work hard, and give back to the society with their excellent studies.

he leaders of the Municipal Federation of Enterprises and the Economic and Technological Development Zone Working Committee expressed their heartfelt thanks to the caring enterprises for their selfless help. They hope that the assisted students will regard their hometown as their honor, their struggle as their responsibility, and their gratitude as their spur, and they will remain diligent, independent, self-reliant, and progressive. attitude towards life, and after returning from studies, he will help his hometown in modern construction.